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James Oliver Rye Whiskey, 100 proof

Discover the intriguing story of young James Oliver and his "bootlegging" history. We are excited to begin offering this remarkable 2 year old rye whiskey at 100 proof, produced in Portland, OR by craft distiller Indio Spirits. James Oliver Rye was awarded a Gold Medal and a 90 point score (exceptional) by the Beverage Tasting Institute in 2013.

James Oliver American Whiskey, 86 proof

This is a blend of three distinctly individual whiskies all aged separately in different types of barrels.

  • Whiskey #1 - 65%: 7-year-old all corn whiskey (aged in used bourbon barrels)
  • Whiskey #2 - 20%: 4-year-old whiskey (aged in a mix of ex-wine barrels — cored, #3-4 char and used bourbon barrels. Mash bill - 40% rye grain, 30/30 corn and Barley)
  • Whiskey #3 - 15%: Our Straight Rye Whiskey.

Finished and blended together in Ex-Sherry Barrels for 6 months. James Oliver American Whiskey is a smooth satisfying sipper, or a unique spirit in any whiskey cocktail. At the prestigious 2015 International Whiskey Competition, the brand was named "Best American Whiskey" and earned a 1st Place Gold Medal. Congratulations James Oliver!






Suau Spanish Brandy

Steeped in history dating back to 1851, on the tiny island of Mallorca off of the Spanish coast, the tradition of producing renowned brandies continues. Introducing Suau Brandy, in two expressions. The 8 Year Old, a balanced, dark amber, lightly sweet and fruity brandy, and the 15 Year Old, beautifully mellowed with aged oak and vanilla hints. Also to be introduced is the Suau Orange Liqueur, using the native oranges to produce a fresh, wonderful taste without cloying aromas.












Canadian Stag
Blended Canadian Whiskey