Tequila Hacienda Vieja

100% de Agave

Reposado and Blanco

Hacienda Vieja Tequilas represent the epitome of the art of tequila making. They are the creation of the Banuelos Family, one of the most important families of Arandas, Jalisco — the prime tequila producing region of Mexico. The Banuelos family has been producing tequila for over thirty years. Their tequilas are produced from the Blue Weber Agave, which is estate grown by the family themselves.

"More than a Tequila, a Tradition" governs their origins.

Hacienda Vieja Reposado is rested for 90 days in new White American Oak barrels. This outstanding tequila earned a rating of 90 points and a "Best Buy" from the Beverage Testing Institute in September, 2011. One of the smoothest tequilas on the market.

Hacienda Vieja Blanco is perfect for those who are looking for a tequila with a spicier flavor and finish.

Tequila Don Felix

100% de Agave


Don Felix Anejo (named for the Banuelos family patriarch and founder of the distillery) is aged for well over the minimum one year that is required. Don Felix provides the ultimate experience for those who wish to sip and savor a truly unique and special spirit. This limited edition anejo tequila has been created to commemorate the family tradition of tequila making for over 30 years in Arandas, Jalisco. Don Felix was just mentioned as one of the best new tequilas in an article by Robert Plotkin in Nightclub and Bar Magazine.


Using their own grown agaves harvested in the Arandas region, Don Felix is made under a traditional process in small batches of 2,800 bottles, with long fermentation and distillation from 10 to 15 days. This Plata expression is aged for one month in virgin white oak barrels, then filtered to produce an unusually crisp, clean, elegant tequila with citrus, herbal, and spicy notes.


Another unique production technique used in making all the Don Felix types is that Baroque music is played in the facility to ease the harmonious development of alcoholic richness during fermentation. This Reposado is aged for six months in virgin white oak barrels, resulting in a tequila that has a palate of butterscotch, honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Ranchero Tequila

100% Agave

Gold and Silver

Ranchero Tequila is one of the finest "value" brands in the 100% Agave Tequila category. Perfect for Margaritas — either frozen or on-the-rocks.